Our innovational of steel roof truss systems are prefabricated using advanced production technology and machinery. All materials are manufactured from standard factory designs using computer programs for strong, easy and fast installation. Naspa truss is made from high tensile steel coated with rustproof aluminum alloy twice as strong as black iron. Steel is thinner than black iron and, as a result, the roof structure is 2-3 times lighter than the steel frame, thus reducing the weight. Our trusses are designed and controlled by a specialist factory engineer. Parts are transported to the site and each piece is screw mounted for easy and fast assembly. The trusses are also rust free because they are not welded and they can be roofed with all kinds of tiles.

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Material Standard

Most steels are under specification and difficult to inspect.

Require rust painting protection

Heavy weight (15 kg/m2)

Manufacturing from high tensile steel G550 (Yield Strength 5,500 kg/m2),

steel sizing C7575, C7510, C10010

AZ150 coated steel (Aluminium 55% + Zinc 45%), with ability to protect

corrosion and stand with scratch resistance

Standard quality/ consistent light weight (6 – 8 kg/m2) but strong and


Design and calculate

Design and calculate base on each individual experienced

and skilled person

Problem with material leftover or shortage from the calculation,

measurement and cutting to match with the required sizing

leading to scraps at site

Design by program specific for roof structure which will give confidence

on the strength, load supported and withstanding to wind force from the

storm, correct according to engineering principles

Column and roof beam can be reduced to suit with the house design,

accurate in material quantity calculation


Installation standard depends on skill and experience of each

individual builder, chance to roof leakage issue and roof tile


Require high technical labour in welding works making the

installation difficult and slow

Heavy weight and hard to manage, with difficulty to inspect and

control the quality

Installation manage by professional teams who passed the standard

training assuring of no roof leakage problem and capability to roofing

with all kind of roof materials

Fast installation and no rust painting require, install with coated metal

screw for rust prevention, no welding require, electricity cost saving

Lightweight, easy to manage and inspect with clear assembly drawing


No warranty

Warranty provided (issued by NASPA)

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